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Excellence in Development

When it comes down to extraordinary performance in real estate, the right development strategy is key. CONDO aims to excel where the true value is hidden: at the construction sites of our properties.


AI-based configuration and construction planning

Based on technological guidance from automated, objective data analysis, CONDO derives the optimal development plan for each individual project. Being granular in specific project management while maintaining group-wide standards guarantees quality and scalability.


Rolling up the sleeves

Brick & Mortar is part of our DNA. In each market we operate, CONDO’s local teams oversee the construction sites of the assets under management. Together with external partners, we strive to maximize the properties’ utility and quality of living.


Property Management

Taking responsibility for the full asset management cycle, CONDO also operates all aspects of property management for own and third party investment vehicles. This includes the commercial as well as the technical aspects.